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The application

All about how the application works

Register an account


You can simply register your account by navigating to the registration page. After you've filled in the form and submitted it, you will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. After the email address is verified, you can login to your account and you can choose which subscription you want. When you've chosen your subscription, you can pay for it and you will be redirected to the application. If you want to know more about the subscriptions please check our features page.


We offer 3 different subscriptions, each with their own features. You can find more information about the subscriptions on our features page. Based on your subscription you will have access to the features that are included in your subscription. If you feel like you are missing a feature or you feel like you're in need for a custom solution, please contact us.


After you've logged in you will see the dashboard. You can simply add the base url of the domain you wish to make reports for. Our system will automatically check if the domain is valid and if it is, it will be added to your account. The system will also check what url's are found at your homepage and will add all those url's to your account. This way you will not have to manually enter all url's. If you're missing a url you can simply add it yourself. When for whatever reason you don't want a page to be scanned you can deselect it for report generation. This will the report for the domain will only contain the pages you've selected.


If you want to work together with your colleagues every account will always start with a team. You can add your colleagues to your team and they will have access to all domains that you have within your team. This way you can all have insights in the reports. You can also share the report by email. The application will generate a unique url that will be temporary available. This way you can easily share the results of the scans with anyone outside of your team.


When you've added a domain to your account a report will be automatically generated at the end of the day. This is done allow you to make changes to what url's you want to have scanned. It's also possible to manually generate a report directly if you need the report at that moment. The report will be generated in the background so you can continue working on whatever you are doing at that time. You will be notified whenever the report is ready.

When a report is generated we always create a new, unprocessed, report. This new report will be processed at the end of the week, or month, depending on your subscription and preferences. You can always process the report whenever you want.